Thursday, February 9, 2017

Blessed Brother Sirvante, On; "Into the Timelessness of Time!"

Observations;  Thoughts;  Processes;  and Understanding.  The things we think our mind to do as we cascade across the boundaries of time.  I want to build a vision, so I think it in my mind.  I want to look to reason so my vision has a place to go.  I find the  best things in life are the things you have an opportunity to spend time with.  And the most precious gifts of the heart are also timeless too!  Build me a valley and then place it on a hill, and I will look to hope to see my mountain of opportunity.  People go through changes often to find a better place to be;  and changes come to people when they want to be something better too.  I think in trust, so that trust never leaves me.  And I walk in hope to get to the other side of the valley on my mountain of dreams.  Can we be better if it were only just to be.  And can we truly come to terms with things outside our own parameter of being.  Or does need always need to justify the purpose of being there when you've already gone the distance to get there in the first place.  Run;  Dance;  Catch a little sun!  And never forget the distance that it took for you to get there.  In these truths we find the core of all blessings in life.  And in this life we grow to understand the fullness of the breath of the timelessness of time.  As in God we come to distance for the time of the place to getting there.
Bless you all in the name of Jesus! 
Blessed Brother Sirvante