Monday, July 21, 2014

Blessed Brother Sirvante, On; The Winds of Change!

When you think of the wind, do you think of a swirl, a twister, or a thunderstorm?  When I think of the wind, I often think of birds.  I like the way they glide across the openness of the air.  And the shifting of their farrows as they adjust to every cross breeze with the simpleness of ease.  I think of the majestic nature of their presence, and wonderful way they're able to seamlessly glide through any adversity that may confront them.  Some people think of whiling away lazy days under the cool of a tree, on a hot summer day.  And if it's really cold and rainy outside, and the wind is just banging against the windows, and the house!  Sometimes my first thought is to duck, or crouch down in what I believe may be some safe secure place.  And that's where the funny comes in, because who can really hide from the sheer forces of the wind.  It's kinda like a disgruntled wife that wakes you while you're sleeping to tell you about, the irregular hours you've been keeping.  Where you gonna go?  It's like a bad twister that keeps coming back and won't leave the neighborhood.  You just don't know how to put it to calm.  Well in truth the answer is really quite simple!  It's like people who move to the east coast on the beach, and every year they have to rebuild.  Well the obvious question is, didn't anybody ever tell you this was storm country?  Common sense is generally the best part of valor.  Dignity , self respect, and conscious awareness can go a long way too.  And in relationship to adversity, a good measure of all can prove to be most helpful in turning thunderstorms into twisters; and twisters into a cool gentle breeze, like the kind you find under mid summer trees.  Just enough deference to get you through the day.  And sometimes we just have to let tomorrow take care of it's self.  Which brings me right to God.  They say sometimes he can be a bit bristly too!  And I here it on account, He even likes to shake it up a bit. But in allot of ways God is like the wind! No one knows from wince He comes, and wince He go's!  They just know he's there!  And that can be a very good thing.  Because it keeps your mind focused on what's really important in life; and reminds you that sometimes caution isn't really such a bad thing after all.  It can even show others how much you really care.  In God we discover the true meaning of Santana! which in Spanish means: The Saint!  And in Indian means: Big wind, or Bad Wind!  Now I wouldn't want to be on the wrong side of that either.
Bless you all in the name of Jesus!  Blessed Brother Sirvante

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Blessed Brother Sirvante, On; Touching Bases!

Sometimes there's nothing like an good old fashioned baseball analogy!  My favorite one is, in life if you want to be successful you should go for the home run!  Or, swing for the fences!  Because even if you don't hit a home run, you'll probably at least get on base!  I like that old phrase swing for the moon too! Because it gives me a good opportunity to take a good look at how beautiful the stars are.  And in that I get to enjoy the wonder of the beauty of God.  Which really gives my heart the most peace. And fills my world with the most hope, and promise.   Fore in God we find the love of Christ!  Which leads us to the truth of self.  We are all no better than our last good deed.  And a true love in Christ will be sure to remind you of that.  Wake up each morning ready to run the race!  And prepare your heart and your spirit to be strong enough to hit a home run.  Then watch and learn how God's mercy will lift you to the greatest of heights.  For in the strength of His arms we come to know the gentleness of His hands.  And the greatest home run hitters will tell you the real secret is the power of the grip, not the bulk of the muscles!  We find spirit in truth, and truth in will!  I wake up everyday wanting so much for the best of others.  And hoping in grace to share a little bit of good in myself; if only for the good of others as well.  Home to me is where the heart of God is.  So that's where I like to place all my bases!  And I liken the Heavens to a field of dreams.  Because that is my most desired blessed place to be.  Just me, God, and Jesus! Swinging away!  With Jesus Throwing the pitches I so love to catch.  And God, hitting home runs!  Showing me the way to victory!
Bless you all in the name of Jesus!  Blessed Brother Sirvante

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Blessed Brother Sirvante, On; Seeking In Love!

To where do we measure the inner depths of the passions of the heart?  And how do we come to terms with the understandings of the giving in radiance as encompassed in the mind set.  Can the passions that drive us really extoll us to a better place in the continence of a silliquel understanding, as driven in the exteriors of wanting for the better part of you.  Only to be given in moments extended out to the rightness of the consequences of the vascularity of a continuum expressed out in the wanting of need. As we move forward in hope, so we also move forward in desire!  I seek to change the directions of the avenue; the avenue of love, passion, and pain!  I hope to give as good as I receive!  And never leave a question as to where the better part of valor really stood.  For I know, or if it were I should, should come to terms with the limited plausibility of the contriteness, delivered from the corners of the vain imaginations imparted to those who want to seek of will.  Should we not rather find the way to contain a direction that is coequal to the wantings extended in the giving of the need in the first place.  Thus giving us standing for the passions ensued on the lifting of the freedom that we seek, when we first come to base in the driving forces that push us to the limit on all we dare to breathe.   On all we dare to give! On all we dare to see! On all we dare to want!  Is it the heart that truly seeks to drive in such depths as to fully consume the directions of our minds?  As time passes on and we move to a better state of the simple beauty contained in even the gentleness of a smile. We also see the depths of the love concealed in the sadness of the reality of the shortness of self.  And the extenuated wantings in the drive to make us whole, if only for a moment;  If only for the love;  If only for the want of the need within thyself!  Like the sunrays of the moon that palpitate the heart, and gently caress the soul for a deeper understanding of the truth of itself:  We all call to reaching when the passions bring us near. And we all go to seeking when a love can be held dear.   Come with me if you will, dance with me in a cool summer sun.  Take hold of the wind, and give it to your breath.  And in the passions of the moment you just might find the love you seek to gain!
Bless you all in the name of Jesus!  Blessed Brother Sirvante

Monday, May 26, 2014

Blessed Brother Sirvante, On: Coming To Terms With Self!

Where do we go to find the better part of Me!  And how do we define truth within ourselves?  Is righteousness really an internal subjective state.  Or is it infact applicable equally to the exterior positions of our understandings as well.  Can we really come to terms with self without first coming to terms with the positions that are proffered against us.  Or must we first be the bearer of extenuated pain before we can see the simplicity of an interior view.  As it's brought forth through the cognizance of our souls.  I like to think that true peace comes from within the heart.  So logically you can conclude that, that's where self exist!  What is on your heart?  Where are your passions, hopes, and dreams?  How do we come to understanding?  and where do we go when we really want to find the better part of self.  We think within the recesses of our minds.  But come to terms with life from the emotions of the heart.  Coming to God is one of a very personal point of view.  Because it opens the door to allow you to begin the process of coming to terms with self! There's a saying that I recall rings ecqo clear in my mind.  And that is, you can't hide from yourself;  And you can't hide from God!  The journey of life must first begin from within.  Because true sight is not necessarily a readily visible thing.  We must first invision our destiny before we can be sure our journey will be sound.  I hear the call of placement in my soul.  And feel the love of life in my bones.  And pray my heart keeps me to right. And always look to God as a corrector of my ways!  As man we will always be fouleble.  It is the core of our nature.  But as humans we have the infinite capacity to mend the error of our ways.  And find forgiveness in the heart.  This journey we're on, this thing we call life.  Well, it turns out really isn't about self at all.  It is about the containment of presence as revealed through the light of Father God!  And in his spirit you will find the truth of self! For that is where the true journey in life begins!  And that is where the fullness of self can be realized, as contained within the spirit of God!
Bless you all in the name of Jesus!  Blessed Brother Sirvante.        

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Blessed Brother Sirvante, On: The Elements Of Understanding!

Have you ever been in one of those positions where you just try, and try to explain yourself;  but for some reason the person you're trying to explain yourself to just doesn't seem to get it!  It can be exhausting, confusing, troubling, irritating, and even upsetting at times.  Depending on the nature of what the misunderstanding may, or may not be about.  Sometimes these discussions can become so deep and protracted out that you might even begin to wonder if maybe somebody is just playing with your intelligence. You reach for containment in the better part of valor, only to discover that perhaps your opposition doesn't have any honor, or dignity to attach your valor to!  In matters of consternation and disapproval of a clear swipe to the left of your sensibilities.  It becomes important to understand that one person's viewpoint may not always be mutually attainable in equitable dispositioning.  And it may not have anything to do with the rationality of your comprehensions.  Sometimes things are just born into adversity.  And sometimes adversity steals the high road on the better part of valor.  And indignity becomes a byproduct of the road less traveled. Should we not seek for peace in the confusion of a dilapidated state.  And should we not turn to reason when understanding passes by?  These are all questions that come to mind when we seek to middle ground.  And these are all thoughts in the elements of confusion.  So where do we draw the line in the attainability of the right to good.   And how do we come to agreement in the discombobulation of the mind as expressed from the inner feelings of the heart?  Can two thoughts intersect in the harmony of the real without disproportionality becoming the greater friend?  Is union based on the collapsibility of instinct?  Do we naturally come to the placement of self?  Or is all evolution contained within the extrapolation of being?  I know in my heart to give is good! Yet to receive can be a very pleasant experience as well.  Depending on what you're getting, and who's extending the hand.  We like to think that all exchange can be resolved  to the point of most favor.  But in truth that's not always the case.  So we must often times learn to make peace with opposition.  And in doing so learn to love the peace that is naturally contained within ourselves. If only we were to take the time to seek first understanding from an interior relevancy point of view, before we extenuated the truth of the relevancy of self.  I should think that most arguments, or misunderstandings as it were, would then take on the persona of a resolute presentation worthy of a predisposed positioning.  Solving most issues before they arise to the level of desconbogilation.  And enhance our overall enjoyment of mutual engagement for resolution in communication of will.  I find harmony to best be expressed in the spirit of right. As brought forward in truth to the conclusion of achievement.  In the words of Jesus Christ, "Love thy neighbor as thyself.  And trust in the Lord to make all things right!"  Thereby bringing peace to your spirit;  and understanding to your life!
Bless you all in the name of Jesus!  Blessed Brother Sirvante

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Blessed Brother Sirvante, On: An Encounter of Faith!

As we go through life and become confronted with many obstructions.  We sometimes find ourselves asking why and become puzzled as we query for the answer.  Life is a series of if's, and maybe's; even could of's, and should of's, if you will.  So many times we find ourselves running for space even as we're running out of room.  And then we wonder which is the better part of deference for the greater part of will.  Is there hope for a futuristic presentation that has sustenance of relevant sustaining value.  Do we guide our paths by the light that has already past.  Can hope be conjured up in the measure of a thought?  Is traveling the distance really worthy of the journey sought?  Can our fondest desires be consumed in the presentation of the presence.   Must we first become what will, before we can be what we are?  So many decisions to be made in a direction less focused.  And so much time to value the extenuation of agreement.  I like to think that if something matters, it's a given that it be worthy of acceptance.  But if you live long enough you come to realize that, that's generally not the case.  At least not in the outset of the aggregation anyway.  Nor the entry point thereof to the better part of will.  Sunshine on fresh flowers are pretty in the spring.  But in the heat of summer their hopes become quite wilted!  And yet they persevere on, because that's what flowers are basically intended to do.  A person could learn allot from flowers; particularly the rose!  It's so pretty it's easy to forget how prickly it can be.  And when it sticks you, you often wonder how come there wasn't a sign or something that said, handle with care!  Life can get a little bit prickly too! So we should always remember to handle it with care as well.  If you plan on going the distance, make sure your shoes are tied good first.  I've never seen a runner win a race with shoe strings caught up in their ankles.  I'm one of those the glass is half full kinda guys.  So I like to think that no matter how complicated things might get, it all comes out in the wash.  Therefore it all works out in the end.  I'm also like one of those silent screen movie actors too, that made the transition to talkies. I like to think my profile is pretty good.  But I find communication is even better.  It's like that old saying, a closed mouth don't get fed.  But really Jesus Christ said it best, " Faith without works is dead!" Now I think I'm going to go pour me a cup of tea, because I have some more work to do.  I like my tea best with honey and a pinch of lemon. Even though sugar is fine too.  The results can still be pretty much the same depending on your perspective.  Life can be pretty sweet!   But there is nothing sweeter to me than life with God!  Because, there is where I come home to my true measure of faith!
Bless you all in the name of Jesus!  Blessed Brother Sirvante