Friday, November 6, 2015

Blessed Brother Sirvante, On: "Perceptions of Consciousness!"

Immobility should never be a byword of understanding!  And contriteness should never guide the perceptions of who we are.  Plausibility should always seek the better part of valor.  And conception should never be misconstrued with deception.  People have a right to see life at face value.  And values should always remain prominent in acceptance!  Be it of free will, or the other hand.  We come to a point in life when sometimes just having a way to receive in grace has to be enough.  So when we get there, that is the place that we've arrived to know our foundation is sure. It is best to discern the difference between reality and a presupposition, as defined in the clarity of consciousness.   If we come to terms in defining who we are, then how is it that it should be that others take note of their own account, over the presence of self; as identified in is!  Can conjectures really determine the avenues of straight?  And are we only bound by the weights in life we choose to possess?  Should it not rather be our own best destinies are defined in the surreality of real;  as opposed to the comforts of extraction in a discombobulated world!  If best efforts are represented on a co-lateral plain;  then how is it that we reach the distance of come to go anyway!  And then sustain the vitality necessary to get from go to start.  Our lives are a jumbo of decoagulated understandings.  Meshed in with the preeminence of common sense;  when we choose to seek it out, anyway.  And that's when life comes to real in the definitions of best!  And our hopes and ambitions meet the even road.  There comes a day when we all know we can dance in the sun.  And the better part of rain is always just ahead.  And God kisses us with the cleansing of His understanding; as we wash free the breath of the hazards of the day. And reach to such great heights of simplicity in Christ!
Bless you all in the name of Jesus!  Blessed Brother Sirvante

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Blessed Brother Sirvante, On; "Moving Into Grace!"

As we move forward in the extrapolations of time; we come to realize many simple truths!  Our shortness of understanding can sometimes leave us quite winded. We view out at the world with a perplexed comprehension of the simplest of things.  And take into our presence all that seems wanting, never having fully grasp the cost of need. Then we wonder why life has left us in such a peculiar state.  We seek to find for reason in all the most elusive of places.  Yet we all have the desire to have civility; even in the face of the most complexity of matters. Never having really known the dispositions of a cerebral displacement in the first place. Or deign to ask the perceptions of what may, or may not be worthy of note. And all the while still wanting for lack of sustenance of need.  In parlance stance some might call that plain and simple greed!  Still we dance to such flirtations of the spiritual mind; while engaging in the reality of a life left unkind. Hoping all the while to find acceptance even the face of all opposition. That's when we realize we're moving into grace!  Because despite our objections of a consternated state, we are all left in the battle to seek only the right of God, in the fullness of His will.  In hopes of better sustaining the righteousness of space in the quagmires of our existence. When hope springs eternal, what is lost was never meant to be gained.  And what is gained pray tell, must somehow find through wisdom, to never get lost. In these truths we somehow find ourselves once again moving into grace.  And look forward to the moments when others understand the frailties of the realized presentations of reality in place.  In that too we come to know great grace!  I want always to be in the favor of understanding.  And always walk the light to keep my vision clear.  People like to pray for such fine odious things, that they never stop to realize the dispensations right at hand. So they can never really quite come to terms with such a common understanding of, live and let live! Still we pursue the meeting of the minds; if only to find peace in the depths of our spirits. Which we pray will be enough to get us back to grace. And in this truth we inevitably all come to know God! Because in God we come to know Christ! And in Christ we learn to live in Grace!
Bless you all in the name of Jesus! Blessed Brother Sirvante

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Blessed Brother Sirvante On; "Coming to Terms With Discernment!"

I like to start each day thinking nothing but the best in people!  I like step out into the world with a fresh look of hope on my face; and understanding in my heart.  I feel people should be given the benefit of the doubt; until they show themselves otherwise.  I think love is more than just a four letter word. I believe in my heart that things people say should really mean something. And passion should never be an obstructive point of view.  There's nothing I take more pleasure in than the happiness of others!  And I find the best insight comes from knowing where you've been, so you will always know where you're going!  I find simplicity is generally the best objetive to get you through the day! Even though on the surface it doesn't emply any real great achievement.  I believe in depth of character! It seperates humans from the savage beast!  I also understand that some characters should be avoided at all cost; less you fall victim to the short sightedness of their own comprehensions, which in a savory bunch doesn't take much to find yourself at odds with everything you hoped would be decent! I know from my  whole life experience that vision is two parts to being there; and faith will get you to the rest! We must strive to be good shepherds! And always try to be a real friend; put all deception aside! It doesn't serve the interest of a rightness in God! And will never sustain you in the battle of will! Fore I've seen many things come right from intention. Unfortunately, sometimes it turns out that the attention was really the whole point of the intention in the first place. And I know from experience that, that could never truly be a very good thing!  When we think of discernment; if you have balance, then you will try and find the true heart of any given matter.  So that you may properly connect to the objective of understanding as it relates to your perception of this so called wanting of will. Now the only real question left is, what are the terms? Which then leads us back to the rightness in discernment.  For God is the vision of the sight unseen. And man is the vessel for which we seek to ascertain. And then we come to terms with the gift of discernment! For in God, all truths substantiate themselves!  And in Christ we find the understanding to help us get there.
Bless you all in the name of Jesus! Blessed Brother Sirvante

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Blessed Brother Sirvante, On; In The Fullness of Life!

Sometimes we try so hard to find the least resistance to the goal less traveled; that we often times in the process lose track of the paths we sought to gain. Troubled waters are always depths of unfamiliarity, and expanses of innocuous  consent. We wake up and we're there! And the journey then becomes how do we get back to the other side of home. Where do we begin to search out the truths within our hearts? And can our soul really guide us through the darkness of our lives? If it be of purity; then let it be of light! And when we seek to balance, let it forever be the standing, that directs the perceptions of the reality of it's own understandings. Separate and apart from the wanting's of our minds. And the misgivings of our spirit; if it not be of God! In giving it is important to know in the visuals of your desires; for where it is the positions of reception are able to be received. Emotions can sometimes lead us into the quagmire of discernment not intended to be equitable in right; Rather lifted up in the frailty of need.  And sustained in the passions of the exuberant state, for a quantified engagement not meant for cerebral concern. But yet still have it's truth perceived as one and the same! Give me that good old fashion rhythm and blues! The kind of stuff you can tap your feet to! While singing me a song of, come home my sweet lullaby.  And kiss me in the morning with the earnestness of the sun! Let me know a smile matters with a kindness in return.  And never forsake beauty when it looks you in the face. Fore priceless are the jewels that guide us through the seven seas of life: Hope; Faith; Trust; Love; Kindness; Understanding; And never forget, the Giving of One's Self! For it is this stone that will always guide you back home. And it is also the Love, that will always keep you there! Hugs are nice in the morning too! But I like them even better at the end of the day! It helps you in understanding how much the people you really care about matter! There's allot to be said for a person who can remain in goodness, for a more fulfilled and realized view; which can then be attained to the fullness of Life!  And in this truth we understand the love of  Jesus! And learn a little something about the core of decency it's self! To fulfill the fullness of the beauty in God, as He gently guides us home!
Bless you all in the name of Jesus! Blessed Brother Sirvante.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Blessed Brother Sirvante, On: "The Wanting Spirit!"

Sometimes when things get tough, and all we hoped for seems to just have faded away.  We often find ourselves wondering to what for? And how it is we came to be in such a unattainable position of understanding anyway.  And then we begin to wonder if there was ever anything worth trying to understand in the first place.  I mean we all have hopes and dreams, and things that we should like to aspire to someday. But do we really have the inner depths of perception needed to get us from thought to purpose: and purpose to objective.  Some people might think that being all edified gets you to the gates of hope for understanding of directives in intent.  While others may choose to take the more intellectual position of actualization through process. No matter!  If we dare to seek to gain and trust faith in hope from the insights of the pacifying spirit in Christ. Then even the most obscure of wanting's can become ambition filled for the aspirations  of need. Thus filling our spirits with all the wanting's of opportunity through our faith hope in God!  And that to me ain't such a bad place to be!
Bless you all in the name of Jesus!  Blessed Brother Sirvante