Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The Santana Foundation: Truth in Christ; and how it is we come to God!

The Santana Foundation: Truth in Christ; and how it is we come to God!: Relationships we cherish are often ones we don't have to think much about.  We just know there truth by there feel.  And the valued pres...

Truth in Christ; and how it is we come to God!

Relationships we cherish are often ones we don't have to think much about.  We just know there truth by there feel.  And the valued presence of the moment.  Things matter, and it's important in life to know you matter too.  We seek so hard to find substance in life to give meaning we have for being.  Are values define who we are.  But what do we do when hope falls short of acknowledgment.  And the passions we stir don't bring us the conclusion of a destiny sought.  How do we mend the fences of our own misunderstandings.  And what truth matters if all you do goes to not.  Our God seeks clarity in who it is presented before Him.  And we spend our lives trying to shape who it is we choose to be perceived to be.  Christ speculates on truths real want, in order to guide in His eyes of hope to the better side of right.  It might seem strange but these are two great truths with much hope in what remains to be seen.  I find peace in the presence, to search out the way better known.   In Christ we find peace in the distance,  to know better than where we've been.  Can God really be parse in the face of conception for all we need to be?  And does relevance give creed to dignities loss.  We must all strive for better;   be better;  and look for better in self!  God will take you places far beyond the perimeters of friend;  for in Father we come to know His love.  Christ will reach in even in the darkest hour;  and His hand of guidance will always be sure to guide you back to the light.  People walk the distance because they say that's what gets you there.  But I see the distance is best seen through God.  For I know in my heart that Christ is already there.  And in this peace I find the distance to go is where I already am.   Peace be with you!  And peace be in God always!
Blessed Brother Sirvante
of The Santana Foundation

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Blessed Brother Sirvante, On; "Principals of Conception!"

If it were, if it were only to be, how is it then that we become who we are?  Questions of the mind can sometimes bring out the most basic of complexities in life.  And positions of the heart can even take us to the passions in understanding always far better grounded in the reality of truth.  Conditions we seek may not always justify the travels we take to get to where we want to go when searching for reasoning in the places we want to be!  How can time in a bottle bring us to far sought out ambitions of hope trust in want.  And the seeking of the distance we traversed to get there.  As we move across to the core things we stand to have favor in, we must always remember to show favor for the things we believe in as well.  For in these truths we come to the core of who we really are in principal of self.   God can grant you understanding, if you choose to believe in the strength of His faith.  And faith can give you all that you need to build even the highest mountains of your ambitions.  When you dream, dream for tomorrow, and always try and find the hope to lift your dreams up to the faith of others as well.  Fore in doing so we make a better day even greater for tomorrow.
Blessed You all in the name of Jesus!  Blessed Brother Sirvante

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Blessed Brother Sirvante, On; "Into the Times We Seek!"

An ever changing world;  a constantly evolving universe!  People in the  change,  seeking change in the people.  Who are we?  And where is it our hearts truly strive to be?  These are questions of the distant past that we forever launch forward into the future.  Must man always seek to be something outside the presence of his own understanding in order to gain perception on truth in self?  How is it do we come to this place anyway?  And why is it always the things that trace in wanting the reality of the hopes we may never achieve.  I think often of points in come what may, for the gathering of ambitions to the core of what is.  We may never actually know the full distance to the minds destiny in getting there to what used to be.  And the emotions of the struggle at best may only serve to pacify the victories of defeats gone pass.  And still we move in times of such toil as soil in the wind to dust in the grass.  We are there;  but really where have we been?
Bless you all in the name of Jesus!
Blessed Brother Sirvante

Blessed Brother Sirvante, On; "Moving Forward!"

As we move into a world of change, people need to be able to understand the difference between change and acceptability. Transition should always be viewed from a broad perspective scope, so as not to disturb the balance of acquisition and retention. Hope strength in all your endurance's; and always run the race that gets you to the distance, and not to the show for distance want. And remember people matter, so the things you do should always matter too. For the betterment of all. Less your trail becomes the crumbling of the bridge you sought to gain.
Bless you all in the name of Jesus!
Blessed Brother Sirvante

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Blessed Brother Sirvante, On; "Into the Timelessness of Time!"

Observations;  Thoughts;  Processes;  and Understanding.  The things we think our mind to do as we cascade across the boundaries of time.  I want to build a vision, so I think it in my mind.  I want to look to reason so my vision has a place to go.  I find the  best things in life are the things you have an opportunity to spend time with.  And the most precious gifts of the heart are also timeless too!  Build me a valley and then place it on a hill, and I will look to hope to see my mountain of opportunity.  People go through changes often to find a better place to be;  and changes come to people when they want to be something better too.  I think in trust, so that trust never leaves me.  And I walk in hope to get to the other side of the valley on my mountain of dreams.  Can we be better if it were only just to be.  And can we truly come to terms with things outside our own parameter of being.  Or does need always need to justify the purpose of being there when you've already gone the distance to get there in the first place.  Run;  Dance;  Catch a little sun!  And never forget the distance that it took for you to get there.  In these truths we find the core of all blessings in life.  And in this life we grow to understand the fullness of the breath of the timelessness of time.  As in God we come to distance for the time of the place to getting there.
Bless you all in the name of Jesus! 
Blessed Brother Sirvante

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Blessed Brother Sirvante, On; "Conflictions of the Heart!"

Passion!  Where do we go to find our base?  Need!  How far the depths of the ocean to reach an understanding?  Time!  In what face do we look to find our best friend?  Questions without answers, and answers without questions.  Statements of the mind will often reveal weakness of  the heart.  Conflicted in confusion;  strengthened only in the actualities of a wayward state.  No depth to this discernment of the disingenuous mind set. Let truth always be the passion that guides to the goal;  less your destiny find you just a little bit short of the reach you sought to gain.  Vanity!  Equitable dispersement!  Just right recompensation!  Seek always first the good in every distance traveled in trail. And always know home from the base of beyond, finding peace in the knowing of the comforts of your heart.  I seek to travel a journey!  We should all be so blessed to have some place to go.  I find strength in the simplicity of everyday fulfillment.  Fore in God we always come whole to the better part of be!  And in life the distance to home is always the reach we started from in the first place.  God grants us opportunity in the everyday ways we choose to live.  How we receive that grace will determine the fullness of its breath.  Strength in right; seek right in strength!  And always trust in your heart from the depths of your mind the fullness of the realized strength in God!
Bless you all in the name of Jesus!
Blessed Brother Sirvante