Saturday, August 31, 2013

Blessed Brother Sirvante: A Short Bio!

I’m known as Blessed Brother Sirvante!  And I am a brother in the priesthood, in the order of Aaron.  Ordained of God!  What that means is my life primarily evolves’ around spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.  It also makes me a keeper of the flame of God, as in ancient times.  Further I maintain an incense altar, with a flame reflective of the glory of Father God!  It also has a covenant box that contains my personal covenant with Almighty God!  I am also a possessor of the holy spirit of God, through the living spirit of Jesus! 
I was actually born, Anthony Eugene Lee, and later became Anthony Eugene Hunter, while still very young.  However after living a pretty good life for the first quarter century of my existence, while off in college, I began what would eventually become a twenty year addiction to alcohol; drugs; pornography;  and almost every other kind of vice known to man!  My life had dissolved into several minor, and sometimes not so minor scrapes with the law.  I had reached a point in my life whereby I felt about the only thing left for me was the blessed day I could be put out to pasture.  And move on to my heavenly destination.  Because even though I didn’t live a godly existence, I clung hard to the cloth of Jesus!  You know people who live an active sin life like I did, need Jesus more than ever.  Anyway one day I had reached the end of the road for the umpteenth time.  Only this time I was done.  Because I was tired both physically, mentally, and spiritually!   Then I felt the spirit of Jesus talking to me.  So I sung that song, “Jesus Take The Wheel.”  And I meant it!  So He did.  One of the first things He did was hand me over to God!   Then God changed my name and put me on lock down!  That’s how I became Blessed Brother Sirvante.
The Blessing:  One morning while riding on a bus, I was doing a stint in rehab at the time in a town called Marysville, California.  The date was January 5th, 2005.  I know the date because I wrote it down when it happened.  I saw something that later became known to me as the “Christ Starburst.”  It was a bright white hot light that flash burst in the lower eastern part of the morning sky.  As I looked, I knew something hit me.  I later came to realize it was the living spirit of God!  My body felt all tingly.  I also felt like I was in some kind of suspended state of existence.   So when I arrived at my destination, I ran into a bathroom and looked into a mirror to see if I could notice anything  different about me.  That’s when I realized that I had been baptized with the spirit of the holy ghost, through the living spirit of Christ Jesus, backed by the presence of God!  In the mirror I could see a visible almost misty type cloud dancing off my entire body.  And it was spiritually stimulating all my senses.  Right then I knew I had been blessed of God like no other man in history before.   Because of this blessing of the living spirit of Jesus Christ, as manifested through the holy ghost.  I now commune directly with Father God all the time.  Now as a possessor of the holy spirit of God, Father God, has authorized that I may also bless others in the spirit of Jesus, with a life changing blessing for the betterment of all fazes’ of a person’s existence, backed by the power of the holy spirit of God, through the living spirit of   Christ Jesus! 
In September of 2011, what I call “The Christ Star” began appearing in the eastern sky near my house in Sacramento, California.  To this day it occasionally appears in the night sky taking on the form of a massive bright light in the middle of the sky!  Sometimes it’s in the west; and sometimes it’s in the east.  With mine eyes focused on the glory of the truth of God.  Through the visual beauty of Christ, our Lord Jesus.  I am minded to refer to Psalm 89, for clarity of understanding.   Fore Gods’ standing truth is so revealed in verses 34 through 37.  And it reads:  My covenant I will not break, nor alter the word that has gone out of my lips.  Once I have sworn by my holiness;  I will not lie to David:  His seed shall endure forever, and His throne as the sun before Me;  It shall be established forever like the moon, even like the faithful witness in the sky.  Selah.
Bless you all in the name of Jesus!   Blessed Brother Sirvante 

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Blessed Brother Sirvante, On: Into the Depths of Truth!

Can rightness be determined by the predisposition of understanding?  And are concepts best left to the conceptualist?  Can we really seek a better day while still stuck in the tomorrow?  Are the depths of understanding best attained from an extenuated positioning?  Can we really hope to find our path in life if we never even see the trail?  What is truth anyway if sometimes you can't even look it in the face!  Are we subject to be prone to a life of disappointment at the mercy of everybody else's clarity of depth;  or depth of clarity as it were.  Can justification be summed up in the desire of will.   Or the will to be justified, summed up in the truth of our desires.  What is want? What is will?  What is desire? And what is truth?  I've often known pain to be the cure for it all.  For it simplifies the position of our truth of want of will.  Which is the base of our desires!  I don't know much about allot of things.  And sometimes too much about nothing!  I wake up each day with a new hope in my heart.  And I try to have a new challenge on my mind.  Yet always mindful of that old saying, how best laid plans can go astray!  I try to follow the golden rule:  Always treat people like you want to be treated!  However in truth, I often come up a little bit short on that deal.  Or so it would seem anyway.  But I guess that too is a question of perception.  Probably somewhere in the category of expectations lost.  Or if you're an optimist which I choose to like to think I am.  You can catalog it in hope renewed.  Because in truth, I find the best peace and happiness in that.  If you give without expectation, well then the bar for fulfillment is pretty low.  But the reward for attainment is extremely high!  And that's where I choose to couch my true hopes!  Love, or adversity;  I take love any day!  Want, or fulfillment;  I choose to be fulfilled, but always in my heart!  Need, or desire;  I take need, it gives me more peace!  If we walk in the truth of our own understandings never caring about the understandings of others.  Then in truth, we go through life never really understanding a thing.  And we miss out on the purist simplest of joys on what life is really supposed to be all about.  Caring for one another, and sharing in the love of our understandings towards each other.  In God we find truth! In Jesus, we find hope and understanding.  In peace we find love.  And in desire we learn acceptance.  We are all no better than our greatest thoughts of yesterday.  And we are all no stronger than our greatest hopes for tomorrow.   Color mine ruby red;  or even crimson blue;  because that is the level of my hope!
Bless you all in the name of Jesus!  Blessed Brother Sirvante      

Friday, August 16, 2013

Blessed Brother Sirvante, On: Passions of the Heart!

When I was a young kid coming up, around 7 to 9, I had an unusual passion that some people might find unusual for a kid my age.  I used to love to scroll through development lots and look for small antique bottles.  I would sometimes spend half the day looking for these treasured finds.  There was no sweeter music to me then the sound of a bull dozer clearing a run down piece of property!  Day after day I would eagerly wake up in the morning so I could get to a lot that I had spotted was being cleared to see if the dozing had stopped.  So I could then begin to pursue the passion of my heart!  It was a joy that I never tired of.  I would collect the bottles, and take them home to be cleaned up!  I would then take them to the antique store to see if they had value.  I would bring the bottles in and me and the merchant would sometimes sit around for an hour or so sharing our passion!  Sometimes they would buy them and sometimes they wouldn't.  And sometimes after learning a little about the bottles I just didn't want to sell.  I came to appreciate the uniqueness of the entire process!  Which brings me to my point.  Passions of the heart!  As we go through life it is important to find things in our lives that matter.  And when we do we need to always be true to that truth.  Life is short!  One should always be careful not to get caught short in it.  Passions matter because peoples hearts matter!  One must always be careful to never forget that.  In pursuing your passions you must always be mindful that others are impacted by the passions you pursue.  So always be true to the purity of truth.  And your passions will always be true to you. Which is a measurement of the goodness of your heart.  In God we find the sereneness of the reality of truth.  And the truth of the purity of the very definition of passion it's self!  One can never come to understand the error of their ways, unless they first come to understand the passions of their hearts.  And then they will know the reality of their base of truth!  To be right with passion you must be right in your heart. Like the innocence of a child collecting bottles in a field.  And in doing so coming to understand the simple beauty of truth!  Which are the coals that stoke the passions of the heart.  Paint mine amber red!  For the passion in my heart burns the pureness of truth!  Solidified in the fire. And nurtured in the coals of the pain of my soul.  Only to lift me back to the passions of my heart. Which is the rightness of God!
Bless you all in the name of Jesus!  Blessed Brother Sirvante.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Blessed Brother Sirvante, On: Uniformity in Peace!

Probably one of the most difficult things in life is to come to terms with the shortcomings of our own existence.  It's so easy sometimes to just point the finger of accusation at others, while at the same time omitting the accusatory of self.  We all have an innate need to be right!  We've all been known at times to hold positions on issues of substance perhaps allot stronger than might otherwise be warranted, given the totality of any given situation.  Yet we persist on, self assured of our own indignation contained within our own directive point of view.  And then we wonder what the confusion is when it comes to igniting the enlightened understandings of others.  If you come from a non-objective perspective.  Then you can't possibly expect an objective response in retort to any given position that has been proffered forward.  From an unbalanced, misplaced, disconcerted state of positioning.   Peace is attained in harmony!  Harmony is attained in uniformity.  Which means that in order to project the righteousness of your positions forward, it is critical that you come from a space of mutually conducive positioning.  You can't turn apples into oranges;  and you can't turn oranges into pears!  But if you put them all in the same bowl they still look pretty good! Because they come from a point of mutual understanding.  Their all fruit!  And they were created to be eaten.  Which gives them harmony in unicen.  People can learn allot from a bowl of fruit. Sometimes it's best just not to say anything.  And let the rhythm of the truth of your own existence speak for it's self.  Because life has a funny way of often times correcting itself! Sometimes we need to just step back and give it a chance.  Because truth will always surface to the top!  One need not prognosticate to obtain any given position.  And one need not always to position themselves in order to project forward a manufactured understanding, that in truth has no bases in the reality of any given situation.  Peace comes from within!  It never needs to be projected out.  Because then it becomes fabrication, manipulation, and wholesale distortion of the right of truth.  Be who you are!  Be consistent!  And always walk in your own truth.  Then others will see the truth in you!
Bless you all in the name of Jesus!  Blessed Brother Sirvante

Friday, August 2, 2013

Blessed Brother Sirvante, On: Probabilities and Perception!

Probabilities are often times based on perceptions!  When man first sought to seek the moon he had to first envision the fullness of it's existence.  And then he had to encompass the magnitude of it's reality.  And even still he was no more closer than the existence of his own thoughts.  What he needed was a real plan to achieve his vision.  And a real focus to get there!  So many times in our lives we come from a point of hope without any real perception.  And so many times in our lives we come from a position of existence without any real understanding.  But the truth of a vision is, it seeks you from beyond.  And the truth of reality can often times not be what you perceive it is.  And sometimes truth has nothing to do with what you see.  And sometimes what you see has nothing to do with truth.  So what are the probabilities of understanding things that are beyond our grasp.  Well I guess that depends in large part on the strength of your vision.   And the probabilities that will allow you to get there.  But the question then becomes where is it that you're trying to get?  Because you just might find that you're already there!  Which leads us back to perception.  I'm a man of faith!  So that's the walk I know.  There are allot of things in life I don't really understand;  and even more I don't care to.  There are allot of people who surpass my comprehension simply because of the things they say and do.  There's so much life that has passed me by that I sometimes look at the world as a mirror.  And believe it or not, sometimes I'm scared to look.  But I continue to move forward just the same.  Because that's my level of faith!  It's often times not what I see that gives me comfort!  Rather what I hope for that sustains me.  In all great success there is also great failure.  But the true measure of good is not determined in neither.  And the true measure of a man, or person as it were, is not determined in another either.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again:  We will all leave this world the same way we came in;  and that's basically alone!  The true caveats in life are the rich relationships and the wealth of experiences we gain along the way!  Be they good, bad, or indifferent.  What we do, and how we do it impacts not only our lives, but the many lives we pass along the way on our journey back home as well.  If I were to have one wish, I'd wish people would be more mindful of that!  And in faith reality and truth may once again become one!
Blessed Brother Sirvante.  Bless you all in the name of Jesus!