Saturday, May 4, 2013

Blessed Brother Sirvante: The Complexities of Despair!

Have you ever had one of those days when the world's just been beating you up so hard that, you wake up in the morning and pat yourself down for bullet holes, and to make sure you're still her for one more run at the good fight!  Well let me tell you I've been in many fights in my life.  And the one thing I've come to understand is they rarely end up like we anticipated they would.  In fact allot of the time we end up with egg on our face, and a big beach towel size happy face rag to wipe off the humiliation in hopes that nobody really noticed the stupidity  of our cause.  Like the Britt's  say, "All in good fun laddies!"  I guess that's easy to say if you're half way through your third pint of beer.  But what about us everyday suffering folk!  The ones that get up everyday to be the grind to provide for an lethargic  reception at best.  Or those that have become so buried in their despair that the world doesn't even notice them anymore.  And what about the children we pass along the way of our everyday existence.  Were their faces clean?  Were they smiling?  Did the mother seem at ease as she hustled by to her next destination still two days behind the first appointment of call.  Did you even bother to notice.  There is a crises out there.  People are crying!  They're hungry!  And everyday they die just a little bit more.  Kinda like you when you're in the darkness of the throws of your bedroom, and you think either nobody is paying attention.  Or even worse nobody cares!  Well friends I'm here to tell you, you got a friend in Jesus!  He won't ask you any questions.  Won't grill you about your logic that got you to a place you never thought you'd be.  He won't even say, I told you so.  In fact the only thing that He will ask of you as He heals you a new, is to do like kind to others by the goodness of your grace!   Do we become so consumed with our selves that we can't see past our noses to feel and share in the pain of others.  Or have we become so jaded as a society that by not making the plight of others matter, we've reached a point of indifference within the parameters  of our own existence; thus diminishing  the hope of rescue from our own afflictions for lack of ability to see past our selves long enough to aid in the affliction of others, thereby bringing true continuity into our own existence.  Thus creating a sustainable balance wholly ratified in the goodness of the spirit of God, to take you into a blessed continuum of new heights.  For want of recognition for the stabilized balance of good meets good on an equal plain of equality!
Bless you all in the name of Jesus!  Blessed Brother Sirvante
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