Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Truth in Christ; and how it is we come to God!

Relationships we cherish are often ones we don't have to think much about.  We just know there truth by there feel.  And the valued presence of the moment.  Things matter, and it's important in life to know you matter too.  We seek so hard to find substance in life to give meaning we have for being.  Are values define who we are.  But what do we do when hope falls short of acknowledgment.  And the passions we stir don't bring us the conclusion of a destiny sought.  How do we mend the fences of our own misunderstandings.  And what truth matters if all you do goes to not.  Our God seeks clarity in who it is presented before Him.  And we spend our lives trying to shape who it is we choose to be perceived to be.  Christ speculates on truths real want, in order to guide in His eyes of hope to the better side of right.  It might seem strange but these are two great truths with much hope in what remains to be seen.  I find peace in the presence, to search out the way better known.   In Christ we find peace in the distance,  to know better than where we've been.  Can God really be parse in the face of conception for all we need to be?  And does relevance give creed to dignities loss.  We must all strive for better;   be better;  and look for better in self!  God will take you places far beyond the perimeters of friend;  for in Father we come to know His love.  Christ will reach in even in the darkest hour;  and His hand of guidance will always be sure to guide you back to the light.  People walk the distance because they say that's what gets you there.  But I see the distance is best seen through God.  For I know in my heart that Christ is already there.  And in this peace I find the distance to go is where I already am.   Peace be with you!  And peace be in God always!
Blessed Brother Sirvante
of The Santana Foundation

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