Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Blessed Brother Sirvante On; Coming to Terms with God, as God Comes to Terms with you!

Thinking in the blessing;  wondering on the beauty of another gracious day.  Looking in God, as God looks in you!  Make sense of the unknown even as the moment seems too grand to do.  Walk in the ways of clarity and understanding.  And let the things of your ambitions guide you in all that's right, good, decent, and true.  Let truth be your beacon, even on a clear sunny day.  Virtue can sometimes be the better part of Valor when honest intentions keep you in the being.   Try to always know the things that matter;  and always let the things that matter be well known to you.   I seek a distance, a time to laugh and dance in the sun.  For all those who stand in hope must first find direction in the balance of their feet;  in the destiny of their ambitions;  in the hope of their dreams.  Come see one day summer cool eve,  so suttle to take you to the place where God's direction can get you  to the knowing.  And the positions of His focus can take you to the going.   Where is it should it be we dare may  say.  And how should it come when justified in the inner knowings of where you've been.  We seek reason;  if not for self, for the peace of having been there.   Take time to know all that's relevant in what it is you should of ought to be.  For this is a time of come one dance midnight summer stance!   Can we believe in trite when covenanted to God.  I dare say you  should think not.  But then again maybe you should.   God is the wonder that takes us through our paces.  And in this wonder we like to know that our grace is in that pace too!  Search the hidden valley's of your mind.   And come to terms with God, as God comes to terms with you.
Blessed Brother Sirvante
of The Santana Foundation

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