Friday, April 12, 2013

Blessed Brother Sirvante; On: To Walk In Peace!

Many times in our lives we face adversity, disappointment, confusion, and deception.    Sometimes even from the very people we trust the most.  It becomes difficult after awhile to know who you can and can't trust when life thrust these sorts of circumstances your way.  It would be easy if we could just close the door sometimes and all our troubles would just go away.  Because the pain of truth is sometimes just too hard to look at!  But in truth, that is when we need to pay attention the most.   God doesn't guarantee you that life will always be perfect.  And you can just dance right through it without a care in the world.  But what He does promise is an opportunity to see things right.  The choice is yours whether you want to look or not.  Offence is easy!  It's as near as the next breath out of your mouth.  The trick to success is to process the short comings in life;  squeeze them for the positive.  And then move forward in faith, knowing full well in your heart you've given all things an honest look!  No one could expect more.  And God would never ask for more.  Being true to others starts with being true to yourself.  You can't climb a mountain if you're always giving away your shoes.  But you can give someone a hand on your way up!  And to know the opportunity is there no matter what the circumstances, should always give you peace.
Bless you in the name of Jesus!  Blessed Brother Sirvante.

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