Saturday, April 27, 2013

Blessed Brother Sirvante: To What Spirit of a Man!

Well I spent this evening listening to some Johnny Cash, and reflecting on all the many different aspects of mans multi-dimensional existence, and personality.  I mean it's easy to be thoughtful and courteous when things are going well.  And we're breezing through our everyday existence with seemingly hardly a care.  But what about when life leads us into the trenches.  When we're confronted with issues beyond our capacity to grasp; or even comprehend them.  When the world just starts to cave in all around us.  And the only thing we have left for a life boat is a faded smile, and an old rusty tooth brush.  And the tent in our rose colored glasses have all faded into misty dust, that nobody cares enough anymore to even bother to help and wipe away!  But everyday you still have to get up because you still have to try and live.  Even though life seems to have left you behind.  And your only friend is your own shadow on a cracked sidewalk.  With workers standing by but no one to hold the sign.  Repairs on the way!  Thank God for Jesus!  I've seen grown men rescued from drowning;  And even though it's not considered manly, it was in their own tears.   And I've seen children given new life.  Because the young ones they had, had become too old.  And old folks dancing like young folks, all for the love of Jesus!  Have you ever heard of the term fair weather friend?  Most of us have had; or have one.  And if you're honest with yourself, in the back of your mind you think that it will be a great day, when you can have an opportunity to show them some fair weather.   I mean the kind with a big bright sun, and white puffy clouds.  With a nice windstorm to cap it off.  And then one day that friend calls you with a crises.  And the first thing that comes to your mind is what can you do to help.  Because the truth of the matter is, most people want to treat others like they want to be treated.  And if they don't they should!  Life is never as long as we'd like for it to be, and even shorter then it should be.  We should all take a little time to understand what truth in Christ is.  Because it's not the smiley happy go lucky faces that you see when your life seems perfect.  Truth in Christ are the happy, sincere, kind faces that you see when your life is in disaster.  We should all strive to live our lives in the truth of Christ!  And know that God is with you!
Bless you all in the name of Jesus!  Blessed Brother Sirvante.

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