Saturday, July 13, 2013

Blessed Brother Sirvante, In: Seeking the Sublime!

Sometimes as we go through life, we find ourselves seeking a place where we can have a collective perception of our true destiny from all parameters of our existence. Everybody likes to put their best foot forward.  And everybody likes to be seen in the best possible light.  The challenge is to properly place yourself in a position to be receiving of the blessing.  It's hard to understand the goodness of God, while basking in the pits of darkness!  In 2nd Corinthians, Chapter 8, verse 8, it reads:( I am not ordering you to do this.  I am simply testing how real your love is by comparing it with the concern that others have shown.)
Life is a continuum!  And the people in it come and go.  But there is one thing that remains steadfast in all your existence.  The love of truth as brought forward through the inner depths of your soul.  I exist because I am; I am because I exist! When you reach inside yourself, and find the truth of the beauty of God!  Others are able to find God's truth in you.  Sometimes we have to ask ourselves, what are we really fighting for?  If the price of redemption is already payed for the love of Christ Jesus! Why are you still grasping at the air?  So many great moments in life have been lost because of  overreaching. And so much happiness has been destroyed in the hope of over seeking.  It's funny how you can just wake up one day and find that everything you thought was secure is just gone.  It's happened so many times in my life that I just began to accept it as part of my existence.  But a funny thing happened when I did.  I came to the realization that I was alright independent of others!  And I really didn't need anybody to substantiate me.  For in my heart right down to the core of my being, I knew that I was sustained in God!  And that knowledge allowed me to once again love freely.  Because it is based in the truth of  self!  Not in the perceptions of what of others!  Loving God will take you to places you never expected to go. His truth can cut you right to the core.  And then He will take you places greater than you ever expected to be!  To be sublime is not a passive existence.  In fact quite the contrary.  To be sublime is to take in all the fullness of life, and maintain the grace to keep you right in the spirit of God!  Which will allow you the parameters of the serenity we all so desperately crave. The scriptures say in  John, Chapter 15, verse 3: You are already clean because of what I have said to you.
Bless you all in the name of Jesus! Blessed Brother Sirvante
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