Sunday, July 21, 2013

Blessed Brother Sirvante, On: Insightful Thinking!

State of mind!  Or, the process of thought.  To which the greater evil?  Or, to which do we find the greater good?  State of mind is often a legal term used in court proceedings to determine the intent of the perpetrator.  Or  the assailant as some might like to say.  What people think and how they act on  what they think, is absolutely critical in determining a person's motives for why they do what they do.  Have you ever heard the term, the devil made me do it!  It's terminology often used by people to cover up their inappropriate acts.  Or to somehow try to justify a central character weakness.  Truth is, we all carry fallibility on our backs like a snow storm in the middle of Alaska!  Which brings up a whole nother set of issues and questions.  The first one is, if you didn't like snow storms what are you doing in Alaska.  And the second one is, if you had to be there why didn't you take precautions to stay out of the storm!  Like in a desert oasis, proper preparation is the key to survival.   Otherwise you might get burned!   And there might not be anybody there to help you out.  I can't count the many times that I've woken up in need of help, only to look around and find myself very much alone!  To this day I have yet to think of a more empty feeling.  Have you ever been in a crowd and yet you feel you're standing there all by yourself.  No help; no aid; no comfort!  Just you and the lonely recesses of your own mind.  Making peace with self is probably one of the most difficult things a person ever has to do.  But it is critically necessary if we are to survive and continue to move forward in an ever changing and complex world. Harmony and unity can often times, and should go hand and hand!  It's hard to understand others unless we understand the weakness's in ourselves first.  Because when we can concur our own internal conflicts then we can approach life no longer from a position of weakness;  but rather from a position of strength! Because the darkness from within has fallen pray to the victory of the light!   Revelation is little more then seeing what is, based on what's to come.   And when we figure that out then we can move forward as a person, as a people, and as a society that prides it's self on the humanitarian aspects of a better tomorrow!  For yesterday is lost;  and today has already gone;  but in tomorrow we may always know the fulfillment of the hopes for today.  Find peace in your hearts, and you may find the beauty of a golden horizon shining bright on today; and building bridges for tomorrow.  And let the light be your crown! For God's glory is always a directive best understood from the head up!  We must all bow down to lift ourselves up to glory.   For it has forever been known that in defeat, we often find our greatest victories!
Bless you all in the name of Jesus!  Blessed Brother Sirvante.

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