Sunday, November 24, 2013

Blessed Brother Sirvante, On: The Predictability of Perception!

Gut instincts! We often her that phrase bantered around here and there.  You hear it in sports allot, and in business too.  And if you have insight you try to take it in and discern it to your benefit.  But what is gut instinct really?  In truth it comes down to perception.  What it is we see or feel about any given subject or matter.  It's all in the eyes......or is it really?  I think true perception can really best be defined as an emotional state.  Something that just kind of takes over our body and then hits us right in the gut!  And then translates to our brain. Like a big stop sign that reads, don't do it! or, full speed ahead;  depending on any given worst, best situation you may, or may not be in. That's why people who are really in tuned with themselves can generally see life pretty clearly.  And the funny thing I've noticed about perception too is it's not necessary society entitled.  In other words money doesn't make you smart.  In fact I've seen it often times make people pretty stupid!  One of the favorite things I like to say is, I think it so, so therefore I am!  And in allot of ways I believe that.  I've seen more done on hope and prayer then some of the best laid plans for success could ever hope to achieve.  And I've seen more people cross doors in faith then any bull doser could ever conquer.  I believe in walking in your own strength.  And I believe that strength should iminate from God! One never knows when you just might come across the misfortune of right.  And one never knows when your best laid desires prove to be the deception of others.  Truth can sometimes be a very peculiar thing.  And understanding it can even be worse.  But sometimes truth can be defined as a necessary evil.  At least some people think so anyway.  And they get up every day with that on their hearts.  That's where perception comes in.  If you know something to be untrue, or not settle well, based on past experiences.  Then the onus is on you to go with your gut instinct.  Because once wronged, twice she!  As it should be.  Because no one should ever have to be subjected to being someones punching bag; or the butt end of a not so funny joke that someone was dead serious about.  Life was meant to be enjoyed; taken in fully!  And suckled for all the beauty of it's worth.  No one should ever be allowed to tell you different. And show you even worse the same.  I believe in a substantiated character.  And truth that carry's it's own weight.  I don't need someone to try and shovel it down my throat.  It'll generally stand on it's own pretty well.  Which will then bring out the merits of it's reality. Thereby giving you the ability to discern the predictability of the perception.  Which in turn will help you keep your path aright!
Bless you all in the name of Jesus! Blessed Brother Sirvante.

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