Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Blessed Brother Sirvante, On: An Encounter of Faith!

As we go through life and become confronted with many obstructions.  We sometimes find ourselves asking why and become puzzled as we query for the answer.  Life is a series of if's, and maybe's; even could of's, and should of's, if you will.  So many times we find ourselves running for space even as we're running out of room.  And then we wonder which is the better part of deference for the greater part of will.  Is there hope for a futuristic presentation that has sustenance of relevant sustaining value.  Do we guide our paths by the light that has already past.  Can hope be conjured up in the measure of a thought?  Is traveling the distance really worthy of the journey sought?  Can our fondest desires be consumed in the presentation of the presence.   Must we first become what will, before we can be what we are?  So many decisions to be made in a direction less focused.  And so much time to value the extenuation of agreement.  I like to think that if something matters, it's a given that it be worthy of acceptance.  But if you live long enough you come to realize that, that's generally not the case.  At least not in the outset of the aggregation anyway.  Nor the entry point thereof to the better part of will.  Sunshine on fresh flowers are pretty in the spring.  But in the heat of summer their hopes become quite wilted!  And yet they persevere on, because that's what flowers are basically intended to do.  A person could learn allot from flowers; particularly the rose!  It's so pretty it's easy to forget how prickly it can be.  And when it sticks you, you often wonder how come there wasn't a sign or something that said, handle with care!  Life can get a little bit prickly too! So we should always remember to handle it with care as well.  If you plan on going the distance, make sure your shoes are tied good first.  I've never seen a runner win a race with shoe strings caught up in their ankles.  I'm one of those the glass is half full kinda guys.  So I like to think that no matter how complicated things might get, it all comes out in the wash.  Therefore it all works out in the end.  I'm also like one of those silent screen movie actors too, that made the transition to talkies. I like to think my profile is pretty good.  But I find communication is even better.  It's like that old saying, a closed mouth don't get fed.  But really Jesus Christ said it best, " Faith without works is dead!" Now I think I'm going to go pour me a cup of tea, because I have some more work to do.  I like my tea best with honey and a pinch of lemon. Even though sugar is fine too.  The results can still be pretty much the same depending on your perspective.  Life can be pretty sweet!   But there is nothing sweeter to me than life with God!  Because, there is where I come home to my true measure of faith!
Bless you all in the name of Jesus!  Blessed Brother Sirvante    

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