Monday, May 26, 2014

Blessed Brother Sirvante, On: Coming To Terms With Self!

Where do we go to find the better part of Me!  And how do we define truth within ourselves?  Is righteousness really an internal subjective state.  Or is it infact applicable equally to the exterior positions of our understandings as well.  Can we really come to terms with self without first coming to terms with the positions that are proffered against us.  Or must we first be the bearer of extenuated pain before we can see the simplicity of an interior view.  As it's brought forth through the cognizance of our souls.  I like to think that true peace comes from within the heart.  So logically you can conclude that, that's where self exist!  What is on your heart?  Where are your passions, hopes, and dreams?  How do we come to understanding?  and where do we go when we really want to find the better part of self.  We think within the recesses of our minds.  But come to terms with life from the emotions of the heart.  Coming to God is one of a very personal point of view.  Because it opens the door to allow you to begin the process of coming to terms with self! There's a saying that I recall rings ecqo clear in my mind.  And that is, you can't hide from yourself;  And you can't hide from God!  The journey of life must first begin from within.  Because true sight is not necessarily a readily visible thing.  We must first invision our destiny before we can be sure our journey will be sound.  I hear the call of placement in my soul.  And feel the love of life in my bones.  And pray my heart keeps me to right. And always look to God as a corrector of my ways!  As man we will always be fouleble.  It is the core of our nature.  But as humans we have the infinite capacity to mend the error of our ways.  And find forgiveness in the heart.  This journey we're on, this thing we call life.  Well, it turns out really isn't about self at all.  It is about the containment of presence as revealed through the light of Father God!  And in his spirit you will find the truth of self! For that is where the true journey in life begins!  And that is where the fullness of self can be realized, as contained within the spirit of God!
Bless you all in the name of Jesus!  Blessed Brother Sirvante.        

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