Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Blessed Brother Sirvante, On; Seeking In Love!

To where do we measure the inner depths of the passions of the heart?  And how do we come to terms with the understandings of the giving in radiance as encompassed in the mind set.  Can the passions that drive us really extoll us to a better place in the continence of a silliquel understanding, as driven in the exteriors of wanting for the better part of you.  Only to be given in moments extended out to the rightness of the consequences of the vascularity of a continuum expressed out in the wanting of need. As we move forward in hope, so we also move forward in desire!  I seek to change the directions of the avenue; the avenue of love, passion, and pain!  I hope to give as good as I receive!  And never leave a question as to where the better part of valor really stood.  For I know, or if it were I should, should come to terms with the limited plausibility of the contriteness, delivered from the corners of the vain imaginations imparted to those who want to seek of will.  Should we not rather find the way to contain a direction that is coequal to the wantings extended in the giving of the need in the first place.  Thus giving us standing for the passions ensued on the lifting of the freedom that we seek, when we first come to base in the driving forces that push us to the limit on all we dare to breathe.   On all we dare to give! On all we dare to see! On all we dare to want!  Is it the heart that truly seeks to drive in such depths as to fully consume the directions of our minds?  As time passes on and we move to a better state of the simple beauty contained in even the gentleness of a smile. We also see the depths of the love concealed in the sadness of the reality of the shortness of self.  And the extenuated wantings in the drive to make us whole, if only for a moment;  If only for the love;  If only for the want of the need within thyself!  Like the sunrays of the moon that palpitate the heart, and gently caress the soul for a deeper understanding of the truth of itself:  We all call to reaching when the passions bring us near. And we all go to seeking when a love can be held dear.   Come with me if you will, dance with me in a cool summer sun.  Take hold of the wind, and give it to your breath.  And in the passions of the moment you just might find the love you seek to gain!
Bless you all in the name of Jesus!  Blessed Brother Sirvante

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