Monday, July 21, 2014

Blessed Brother Sirvante, On; The Winds of Change!

When you think of the wind, do you think of a swirl, a twister, or a thunderstorm?  When I think of the wind, I often think of birds.  I like the way they glide across the openness of the air.  And the shifting of their farrows as they adjust to every cross breeze with the simpleness of ease.  I think of the majestic nature of their presence, and wonderful way they're able to seamlessly glide through any adversity that may confront them.  Some people think of whiling away lazy days under the cool of a tree, on a hot summer day.  And if it's really cold and rainy outside, and the wind is just banging against the windows, and the house!  Sometimes my first thought is to duck, or crouch down in what I believe may be some safe secure place.  And that's where the funny comes in, because who can really hide from the sheer forces of the wind.  It's kinda like a disgruntled wife that wakes you while you're sleeping to tell you about, the irregular hours you've been keeping.  Where you gonna go?  It's like a bad twister that keeps coming back and won't leave the neighborhood.  You just don't know how to put it to calm.  Well in truth the answer is really quite simple!  It's like people who move to the east coast on the beach, and every year they have to rebuild.  Well the obvious question is, didn't anybody ever tell you this was storm country?  Common sense is generally the best part of valor.  Dignity , self respect, and conscious awareness can go a long way too.  And in relationship to adversity, a good measure of all can prove to be most helpful in turning thunderstorms into twisters; and twisters into a cool gentle breeze, like the kind you find under mid summer trees.  Just enough deference to get you through the day.  And sometimes we just have to let tomorrow take care of it's self.  Which brings me right to God.  They say sometimes he can be a bit bristly too!  And I here it on account, He even likes to shake it up a bit. But in allot of ways God is like the wind! No one knows from wince He comes, and wince He go's!  They just know he's there!  And that can be a very good thing.  Because it keeps your mind focused on what's really important in life; and reminds you that sometimes caution isn't really such a bad thing after all.  It can even show others how much you really care.  In God we discover the true meaning of Santana! which in Spanish means: The Saint!  And in Indian means: Big wind, or Bad Wind!  Now I wouldn't want to be on the wrong side of that either.
Bless you all in the name of Jesus!  Blessed Brother Sirvante

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