Saturday, July 12, 2014

Blessed Brother Sirvante, On; Touching Bases!

Sometimes there's nothing like an good old fashioned baseball analogy!  My favorite one is, in life if you want to be successful you should go for the home run!  Or, swing for the fences!  Because even if you don't hit a home run, you'll probably at least get on base!  I like that old phrase swing for the moon too! Because it gives me a good opportunity to take a good look at how beautiful the stars are.  And in that I get to enjoy the wonder of the beauty of God.  Which really gives my heart the most peace. And fills my world with the most hope, and promise.   Fore in God we find the love of Christ!  Which leads us to the truth of self.  We are all no better than our last good deed.  And a true love in Christ will be sure to remind you of that.  Wake up each morning ready to run the race!  And prepare your heart and your spirit to be strong enough to hit a home run.  Then watch and learn how God's mercy will lift you to the greatest of heights.  For in the strength of His arms we come to know the gentleness of His hands.  And the greatest home run hitters will tell you the real secret is the power of the grip, not the bulk of the muscles!  We find spirit in truth, and truth in will!  I wake up everyday wanting so much for the best of others.  And hoping in grace to share a little bit of good in myself; if only for the good of others as well.  Home to me is where the heart of God is.  So that's where I like to place all my bases!  And I liken the Heavens to a field of dreams.  Because that is my most desired blessed place to be.  Just me, God, and Jesus! Swinging away!  With Jesus Throwing the pitches I so love to catch.  And God, hitting home runs!  Showing me the way to victory!
Bless you all in the name of Jesus!  Blessed Brother Sirvante

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