Thursday, March 5, 2015

Blessed Brother Sirvante, On; In The Fullness of Life!

Sometimes we try so hard to find the least resistance to the goal less traveled; that we often times in the process lose track of the paths we sought to gain. Troubled waters are always depths of unfamiliarity, and expanses of innocuous  consent. We wake up and we're there! And the journey then becomes how do we get back to the other side of home. Where do we begin to search out the truths within our hearts? And can our soul really guide us through the darkness of our lives? If it be of purity; then let it be of light! And when we seek to balance, let it forever be the standing, that directs the perceptions of the reality of it's own understandings. Separate and apart from the wanting's of our minds. And the misgivings of our spirit; if it not be of God! In giving it is important to know in the visuals of your desires; for where it is the positions of reception are able to be received. Emotions can sometimes lead us into the quagmire of discernment not intended to be equitable in right; Rather lifted up in the frailty of need.  And sustained in the passions of the exuberant state, for a quantified engagement not meant for cerebral concern. But yet still have it's truth perceived as one and the same! Give me that good old fashion rhythm and blues! The kind of stuff you can tap your feet to! While singing me a song of, come home my sweet lullaby.  And kiss me in the morning with the earnestness of the sun! Let me know a smile matters with a kindness in return.  And never forsake beauty when it looks you in the face. Fore priceless are the jewels that guide us through the seven seas of life: Hope; Faith; Trust; Love; Kindness; Understanding; And never forget, the Giving of One's Self! For it is this stone that will always guide you back home. And it is also the Love, that will always keep you there! Hugs are nice in the morning too! But I like them even better at the end of the day! It helps you in understanding how much the people you really care about matter! There's allot to be said for a person who can remain in goodness, for a more fulfilled and realized view; which can then be attained to the fullness of Life!  And in this truth we understand the love of  Jesus! And learn a little something about the core of decency it's self! To fulfill the fullness of the beauty in God, as He gently guides us home!
Bless you all in the name of Jesus! Blessed Brother Sirvante.