Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Blessed Brother Sirvante On; "Coming to Terms With Discernment!"

I like to start each day thinking nothing but the best in people!  I like step out into the world with a fresh look of hope on my face; and understanding in my heart.  I feel people should be given the benefit of the doubt; until they show themselves otherwise.  I think love is more than just a four letter word. I believe in my heart that things people say should really mean something. And passion should never be an obstructive point of view.  There's nothing I take more pleasure in than the happiness of others!  And I find the best insight comes from knowing where you've been, so you will always know where you're going!  I find simplicity is generally the best objetive to get you through the day! Even though on the surface it doesn't emply any real great achievement.  I believe in depth of character! It seperates humans from the savage beast!  I also understand that some characters should be avoided at all cost; less you fall victim to the short sightedness of their own comprehensions, which in a savory bunch doesn't take much to find yourself at odds with everything you hoped would be decent! I know from my  whole life experience that vision is two parts to being there; and faith will get you to the rest! We must strive to be good shepherds! And always try to be a real friend; put all deception aside! It doesn't serve the interest of a rightness in God! And will never sustain you in the battle of will! Fore I've seen many things come right from intention. Unfortunately, sometimes it turns out that the attention was really the whole point of the intention in the first place. And I know from experience that, that could never truly be a very good thing!  When we think of discernment; if you have balance, then you will try and find the true heart of any given matter.  So that you may properly connect to the objective of understanding as it relates to your perception of this so called wanting of will. Now the only real question left is, what are the terms? Which then leads us back to the rightness in discernment.  For God is the vision of the sight unseen. And man is the vessel for which we seek to ascertain. And then we come to terms with the gift of discernment! For in God, all truths substantiate themselves!  And in Christ we find the understanding to help us get there.
Bless you all in the name of Jesus! Blessed Brother Sirvante