Sunday, June 26, 2016

Blessed Brother Sirvante, On: "In My Peace of Mind!"

Searching;  Seeking;  Desiring in search to find!  Where do we go to find the such fine depths as to know ones self in the cognizance of discernment.  We often trouble to be in the realized possibilities of wants greater need, without ever stopping to think about the greater needs of ones wants.  Who can measure the spacial's of acceptance if that can't even comprehend the segmented implications of emotions most need.  Shall we dare trot to horse when gimp bird best suits the set;  or is dispursement the equality of ones own lost ingestion's of fabricated actualities, without substantiated fact.  In God we are provided a gateway whereby we find acceptance in the simplest of things.  And come to know the truth of love from the inner presence of the emotions of the heart.  Kindness in all we seek is the vestiture of right we most hope to achieve.  Be true to yourself;  and peace of mind will follow!  God's favor is always with His strength in right. For love is the breath of warmth we so desire to seek, not just in life;  but also in God! And in the gestures of such kind grace we come to know true peace of mind;  for it's bonded to God. And the sereness of the beauty in life we seek.
Bless you all in the name of Jesus!
Blessed Brother Sirvante