Friday, November 6, 2015

Blessed Brother Sirvante, On: "Perceptions of Consciousness!"

Immobility should never be a byword of understanding!  And contriteness should never guide the perceptions of who we are.  Plausibility should always seek the better part of valor.  And conception should never be misconstrued with deception.  People have a right to see life at face value.  And values should always remain prominent in acceptance!  Be it of free will, or the other hand.  We come to a point in life when sometimes just having a way to receive in grace has to be enough.  So when we get there, that is the place that we've arrived to know our foundation is sure. It is best to discern the difference between reality and a presupposition, as defined in the clarity of consciousness.   If we come to terms in defining who we are, then how is it that it should be that others take note of their own account, over the presence of self; as identified in is!  Can conjectures really determine the avenues of straight?  And are we only bound by the weights in life we choose to possess?  Should it not rather be our own best destinies are defined in the surreality of real;  as opposed to the comforts of extraction in a discombobulated world!  If best efforts are represented on a co-lateral plain;  then how is it that we reach the distance of come to go anyway!  And then sustain the vitality necessary to get from go to start.  Our lives are a jumbo of decoagulated understandings.  Meshed in with the preeminence of common sense;  when we choose to seek it out, anyway.  And that's when life comes to real in the definitions of best!  And our hopes and ambitions meet the even road.  There comes a day when we all know we can dance in the sun.  And the better part of rain is always just ahead.  And God kisses us with the cleansing of His understanding; as we wash free the breath of the hazards of the day. And reach to such great heights of simplicity in Christ!
Bless you all in the name of Jesus!  Blessed Brother Sirvante


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