Friday, September 9, 2016

Blessed Brother Sirvante, On; Mind and Perception!

What is the process of thought?  and how do we come to the realizations of the things we choose to believe in.  Can attitude really take you to the next level of understanding?  and when you get there, are you really sure that it's a place you really need to be!  time is a phrase best summed up in the perceptions of who we are. And meted out in the conditions of what it is that we sought to be as well. Is it distance that stands the time of such fine grace as to be relative to God. Or is it God who provides the time we need to find relevance in who we are in relation to Him.  The bible is very clear, Father God is no respecter of persons.  So in seeking peace we must first come to understand how we choose to get where it is we think we need to be.  And then we must all come to a point where the actualities of the want don't over ride the reality of the need.  Think inn better in each and every day.  Want more for others in finding the fulfillment in self.  Take the best part of effort and double down on truth.  And when you walk, always walk in the simpleness of the reality of something greater than yourself.  Attain to be actualized in the fullness of the cognizance of your mind.  Thereby coming to the total ingestion's of the perceived destiny as solidified in God. For if in man we could only hope to attain to the skies, while seeking in hope all the rightness of the stars. Then surely the universe must be beautiful enough for the visions of all. When we touch let it be from the heart. When we pray let the frailty of character always raise you up to the full strength in God.  Mind and perception; truth and need! In these things we know to be true; the love of God just is! And for a simple man like me, that just has to be enough!
Bless you all in the name of Jesus!
Blessed Brother Sirvante

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