Saturday, November 5, 2016

Blessed Brother Sirvante, On; "Truth In God!"

When I first began to walk with God, it was the most intensely blessed feeling I ever had.  I literally lived my life in what's known in devout faith circles as "the bliss".  And then people found out about it.  And they have spent everyday now for the past several years making my life a living hell.  A monastic retreat life has began to make more sense to me now than ever before.  I set out to prove that God could be equally as accessible to the common man, as He was to the devout faithful.  And now I understand why He's not.  I think that's a great loss for mankind;  and an even greater loss for the redemption of his soul.  You can't come to God, if you never accept who He is.  And that's life! 
I think people should try harder to allow other people to be who they are.  And I think God should be allowed to be who He is as well.  We don't have a right to redirect another persons life, if that person never asked you for the help in the first place.  And no one has a right to destroy another person; no matter what they think!  Truth in God is really not all that complex;  it mirrors allot of the truths we find in man.  And I'll leave you to figure out that.  If we seek to be better than who we are, I believe that quite naturally that, that should start with God.  It's hard to be something if you don't know who you were to begin with.  I like to always think that the best days are still yet ahead;  And Lord God knows my truth on that!  Sometimes we fight for things that just touch us in such a way that our spirits just refuse to let it go.  And sometimes we fight from the strength of everything we believe in our hearts.  Sometimes we realize we have to run too!  And then we look for a safe place to go.   With God all things are true!  We run to touch the bases of the truths we seek to hide;  only revealed to God.  And seek to touch the bases for the truths we already know, but can't afford to leave behind, for fear they might catch us some day.   God gives us opportunity in the fullness of all His grace!  But He never promised the path would be easy getting there.
Bless you all in the name of Jesus!
Blessed Brother Sirvante

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