Saturday, December 3, 2016

Blessed Brother Sirvante, On; "Conflictions of the Heart!"

Passion!  Where do we go to find our base?  Need!  How far the depths of the ocean to reach an understanding?  Time!  In what face do we look to find our best friend?  Questions without answers, and answers without questions.  Statements of the mind will often reveal weakness of  the heart.  Conflicted in confusion;  strengthened only in the actualities of a wayward state.  No depth to this discernment of the disingenuous mind set. Let truth always be the passion that guides to the goal;  less your destiny find you just a little bit short of the reach you sought to gain.  Vanity!  Equitable dispersement!  Just right recompensation!  Seek always first the good in every distance traveled in trail. And always know home from the base of beyond, finding peace in the knowing of the comforts of your heart.  I seek to travel a journey!  We should all be so blessed to have some place to go.  I find strength in the simplicity of everyday fulfillment.  Fore in God we always come whole to the better part of be!  And in life the distance to home is always the reach we started from in the first place.  God grants us opportunity in the everyday ways we choose to live.  How we receive that grace will determine the fullness of its breath.  Strength in right; seek right in strength!  And always trust in your heart from the depths of your mind the fullness of the realized strength in God!
Bless you all in the name of Jesus!
Blessed Brother Sirvante

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