Saturday, June 8, 2013

Blessed Brother Sirvante, On: The Hidden Depths of Rightness!

Most of us at some point in our lives have been involved in some sort of discussion; or confronted with some sort of issue in our life whereby, we're trying to express a point. But the person listening just isn't getting what the point is.  You explain yourself; and then they explain themselves;  and you express your position as they continue to expound on there's.  And all the while you're both thinking, I know my position is right, if only I can get them to listen.  Then surely they would understand the rightness of it all.  Well here is a news flash for you: rightness is often found in the listening!  You can talk sometimes until you're blue in the face, and some people just won't get it.  And then you have those who don't really want to get it.  So they always pretend you're wrong.  You can tell them the sun is orange, and they will argue with you for half a day saying, the sun is yellow.  And the whole point is it's beautiful, no matter what color you think it is.  Life would be so simple if we could all just say what we mean, and mean what we say.  But for some reason simplicity manages to elude most of us.  At least that's what I heard anyway!  The rule of thumb, and the dagger in hand.....To which do we give the greater understanding?  I don't know, but I think I would pay more attention to a guy poking a knife at me, as opposed to his thumb.  But at the same time I'd be thinking about the rule of law, and how I can get to it.  Now that would be an interesting conversation to have.  He says, "I just wanted to get his attention."  And I say, "well I didn't like his thumb poking at my face."  In the end it doesn't really matter because the truth got lost some place in the fight.  In prayer we come to understand the depths of the knowledge of the wonder of the goodness of God.  And in listening, we come to understand the true depths of right.
Bless you all in the name of  Jesus!  Blessed Brother Sirvante.

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