Sunday, June 16, 2013

Blessed Brother Sirvante; On: My Father, God!

Do you love in truth?  Do you care for things that seem not to matter to others?  Are not all things relevant to the beauty in life.   Are not all things valued on the measure of right!  Is not the sun just as pretty as the moon.  And the stars, the universe.  Does not harmony breath life like the presence of it's own existence.  And a tree just as precious as the birds in the sky.  Does not love grow fonder as the heart grows in depth.  And all knowledge become equitable to the goodness of your character.  We sometimes find value in the most trivial of things.  And one mans trash, is another mans treasure.  Can not beauty just exist in the realms  of it's own being.  Is substantiation something we can only find in others?  Or rather, is not all good correlated to it's base!  I believe in light even in the face of darkness.  And I know this truth from my Father, God!  I believe in second chances!  Sometimes third, and even fourths!  I know in my heart there is good in everybody;  if you only give it a chance to come out.  I believe in the rule of understanding:  No one is greater then the parts for which they exist.  And no part is bigger then the simple understandings of the rightness of ways.  When the day is done, and the sun is set.  I like to know my day mattered.  And I like to know the people in it mattered too!  I don't understand complexities beyond rational comprehension.  And I believe good sense is still measured from the heart.  I know all life matters;  and all things in life matter to.  Friendships should never be dismissed;  And family should always matter to.  You're only as good in life as your last good gesture.  And if you don't want to do something from the heart, do it from there any ways!  Because that's where real truth illuminates from;   and God finds the depths of the breath of His glory!  Fore in rightness we come to know the fullness of the kindness of others.  And learn a little bit about the kindness within ourselves.  Which brings us back to God!  And not just God, the creator. But God, the Father!  And in Christ we see His love, His compassion, His understanding.  And all things right and beautiful in the universe!  In Christ Jesus, we see ourselves as we learn to see the beauty in others.  And in others we come to understand the truth of the glory of God.  Fore who could create such expanses of differences of perspectives;  yet unionize them all in the efforts they project, towards the fondness of His right of existence.  No one!  Save for, Father God!   These are the lessons of one child to another. From my Father, God!
Bless you all in the name of Jesus!  Blessed Brother Sirvante.

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