Sunday, June 23, 2013

Blessed Brother Sirvante, On: A Spirit of Faith!

Oh, the frivolousness of youth!  Oh, if it were to just be young again!  To play in the meadows, and catch frogs in the brook.  To sing simple songs that rhyme and give us such hope.  To while away the days just enjoying being out in the sun.  Taking in the day like clouds gently breezing across the sky.   If life were only as simple as ice cream on a sunday afternoon.  Or a walk in the park with your very best friend.  If only we could harness the moments so precious lost!  If only we could bend time back to a more radiant state.  These are some of the markers of the goodness in life.  These are some of the indicators of time well spent.   Do we dare not believe and seek to such new faith.   Do we dare not encompass the moon, yet magnify to the beauty of the stars.  Can we really hope to see the rainbow that comes with the start of any, great new beginning.  Is there really a golden layer that awaits us all at the end of a perfect day.  Or are we only so much dust in the wind only meant to be cast away.   At some point in our lives we all reach a point of accepted understanding.  At some point in our lives we all seek to do what's truly right!  Some of us later than others! But at some point in our lives we all seek to get there.  Which brings us back to faith!  And the depths of our understanding towards the goodness of all.  I once knew an atheist who had a deathbed conversion.  I can honestly say, I never lost faith!  Faith is what's solidified in the crosses of what's perceived to be wrong!  Faith is what's understood, when nothing else seems to be right!  Faith is the substance of things not seen, nor heard, yet realized to be true.  Faith is what get's us through the day, even when the world says you're wrong.   And faith is what sustains us, even in our darkest hour!  Can we truly expect to rise and fall without ever perceiving the contours of the right of will, as it pertains to the relevance of growth.  Faith is truly our friend;  and mercy is it's sister; while grace is it's guide.  Seek always first the light, and darkness will pass you by! Walk always in faith, and surpass your next perceived destination!  For faith comes from understanding the greatness beyond ourselves!  And in faith that greatness will move us forward.   Because that's the true measure of faith!  And we should always forever be mindful of the teachings of our lord, Christ Jesus!  Who lamented in all His doings;  Faith without works is dead!  If we are to pray, we must always pray in faith.  And then get busy on the work we prayed for.   And in doing so achieving the greatest of faith.   The faith in God, to make all things right!
Bless you all in the name of Jesus!  Blessed Brother Sirvante.

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