Friday, August 23, 2013

Blessed Brother Sirvante, On: Into the Depths of Truth!

Can rightness be determined by the predisposition of understanding?  And are concepts best left to the conceptualist?  Can we really seek a better day while still stuck in the tomorrow?  Are the depths of understanding best attained from an extenuated positioning?  Can we really hope to find our path in life if we never even see the trail?  What is truth anyway if sometimes you can't even look it in the face!  Are we subject to be prone to a life of disappointment at the mercy of everybody else's clarity of depth;  or depth of clarity as it were.  Can justification be summed up in the desire of will.   Or the will to be justified, summed up in the truth of our desires.  What is want? What is will?  What is desire? And what is truth?  I've often known pain to be the cure for it all.  For it simplifies the position of our truth of want of will.  Which is the base of our desires!  I don't know much about allot of things.  And sometimes too much about nothing!  I wake up each day with a new hope in my heart.  And I try to have a new challenge on my mind.  Yet always mindful of that old saying, how best laid plans can go astray!  I try to follow the golden rule:  Always treat people like you want to be treated!  However in truth, I often come up a little bit short on that deal.  Or so it would seem anyway.  But I guess that too is a question of perception.  Probably somewhere in the category of expectations lost.  Or if you're an optimist which I choose to like to think I am.  You can catalog it in hope renewed.  Because in truth, I find the best peace and happiness in that.  If you give without expectation, well then the bar for fulfillment is pretty low.  But the reward for attainment is extremely high!  And that's where I choose to couch my true hopes!  Love, or adversity;  I take love any day!  Want, or fulfillment;  I choose to be fulfilled, but always in my heart!  Need, or desire;  I take need, it gives me more peace!  If we walk in the truth of our own understandings never caring about the understandings of others.  Then in truth, we go through life never really understanding a thing.  And we miss out on the purist simplest of joys on what life is really supposed to be all about.  Caring for one another, and sharing in the love of our understandings towards each other.  In God we find truth! In Jesus, we find hope and understanding.  In peace we find love.  And in desire we learn acceptance.  We are all no better than our greatest thoughts of yesterday.  And we are all no stronger than our greatest hopes for tomorrow.   Color mine ruby red;  or even crimson blue;  because that is the level of my hope!
Bless you all in the name of Jesus!  Blessed Brother Sirvante      

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