Friday, August 16, 2013

Blessed Brother Sirvante, On: Passions of the Heart!

When I was a young kid coming up, around 7 to 9, I had an unusual passion that some people might find unusual for a kid my age.  I used to love to scroll through development lots and look for small antique bottles.  I would sometimes spend half the day looking for these treasured finds.  There was no sweeter music to me then the sound of a bull dozer clearing a run down piece of property!  Day after day I would eagerly wake up in the morning so I could get to a lot that I had spotted was being cleared to see if the dozing had stopped.  So I could then begin to pursue the passion of my heart!  It was a joy that I never tired of.  I would collect the bottles, and take them home to be cleaned up!  I would then take them to the antique store to see if they had value.  I would bring the bottles in and me and the merchant would sometimes sit around for an hour or so sharing our passion!  Sometimes they would buy them and sometimes they wouldn't.  And sometimes after learning a little about the bottles I just didn't want to sell.  I came to appreciate the uniqueness of the entire process!  Which brings me to my point.  Passions of the heart!  As we go through life it is important to find things in our lives that matter.  And when we do we need to always be true to that truth.  Life is short!  One should always be careful not to get caught short in it.  Passions matter because peoples hearts matter!  One must always be careful to never forget that.  In pursuing your passions you must always be mindful that others are impacted by the passions you pursue.  So always be true to the purity of truth.  And your passions will always be true to you. Which is a measurement of the goodness of your heart.  In God we find the sereneness of the reality of truth.  And the truth of the purity of the very definition of passion it's self!  One can never come to understand the error of their ways, unless they first come to understand the passions of their hearts.  And then they will know the reality of their base of truth!  To be right with passion you must be right in your heart. Like the innocence of a child collecting bottles in a field.  And in doing so coming to understand the simple beauty of truth!  Which are the coals that stoke the passions of the heart.  Paint mine amber red!  For the passion in my heart burns the pureness of truth!  Solidified in the fire. And nurtured in the coals of the pain of my soul.  Only to lift me back to the passions of my heart. Which is the rightness of God!
Bless you all in the name of Jesus!  Blessed Brother Sirvante.

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