Saturday, August 31, 2013

Blessed Brother Sirvante: A Short Bio!

I’m known as Blessed Brother Sirvante!  And I am a brother in the priesthood, in the order of Aaron.  Ordained of God!  What that means is my life primarily evolves’ around spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.  It also makes me a keeper of the flame of God, as in ancient times.  Further I maintain an incense altar, with a flame reflective of the glory of Father God!  It also has a covenant box that contains my personal covenant with Almighty God!  I am also a possessor of the holy spirit of God, through the living spirit of Jesus! 
I was actually born, Anthony Eugene Lee, and later became Anthony Eugene Hunter, while still very young.  However after living a pretty good life for the first quarter century of my existence, while off in college, I began what would eventually become a twenty year addiction to alcohol; drugs; pornography;  and almost every other kind of vice known to man!  My life had dissolved into several minor, and sometimes not so minor scrapes with the law.  I had reached a point in my life whereby I felt about the only thing left for me was the blessed day I could be put out to pasture.  And move on to my heavenly destination.  Because even though I didn’t live a godly existence, I clung hard to the cloth of Jesus!  You know people who live an active sin life like I did, need Jesus more than ever.  Anyway one day I had reached the end of the road for the umpteenth time.  Only this time I was done.  Because I was tired both physically, mentally, and spiritually!   Then I felt the spirit of Jesus talking to me.  So I sung that song, “Jesus Take The Wheel.”  And I meant it!  So He did.  One of the first things He did was hand me over to God!   Then God changed my name and put me on lock down!  That’s how I became Blessed Brother Sirvante.
The Blessing:  One morning while riding on a bus, I was doing a stint in rehab at the time in a town called Marysville, California.  The date was January 5th, 2005.  I know the date because I wrote it down when it happened.  I saw something that later became known to me as the “Christ Starburst.”  It was a bright white hot light that flash burst in the lower eastern part of the morning sky.  As I looked, I knew something hit me.  I later came to realize it was the living spirit of God!  My body felt all tingly.  I also felt like I was in some kind of suspended state of existence.   So when I arrived at my destination, I ran into a bathroom and looked into a mirror to see if I could notice anything  different about me.  That’s when I realized that I had been baptized with the spirit of the holy ghost, through the living spirit of Christ Jesus, backed by the presence of God!  In the mirror I could see a visible almost misty type cloud dancing off my entire body.  And it was spiritually stimulating all my senses.  Right then I knew I had been blessed of God like no other man in history before.   Because of this blessing of the living spirit of Jesus Christ, as manifested through the holy ghost.  I now commune directly with Father God all the time.  Now as a possessor of the holy spirit of God, Father God, has authorized that I may also bless others in the spirit of Jesus, with a life changing blessing for the betterment of all fazes’ of a person’s existence, backed by the power of the holy spirit of God, through the living spirit of   Christ Jesus! 
In September of 2011, what I call “The Christ Star” began appearing in the eastern sky near my house in Sacramento, California.  To this day it occasionally appears in the night sky taking on the form of a massive bright light in the middle of the sky!  Sometimes it’s in the west; and sometimes it’s in the east.  With mine eyes focused on the glory of the truth of God.  Through the visual beauty of Christ, our Lord Jesus.  I am minded to refer to Psalm 89, for clarity of understanding.   Fore Gods’ standing truth is so revealed in verses 34 through 37.  And it reads:  My covenant I will not break, nor alter the word that has gone out of my lips.  Once I have sworn by my holiness;  I will not lie to David:  His seed shall endure forever, and His throne as the sun before Me;  It shall be established forever like the moon, even like the faithful witness in the sky.  Selah.
Bless you all in the name of Jesus!   Blessed Brother Sirvante 

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