Sunday, June 7, 2015

Blessed Brother Sirvante, On; "Moving Into Grace!"

As we move forward in the extrapolations of time; we come to realize many simple truths!  Our shortness of understanding can sometimes leave us quite winded. We view out at the world with a perplexed comprehension of the simplest of things.  And take into our presence all that seems wanting, never having fully grasp the cost of need. Then we wonder why life has left us in such a peculiar state.  We seek to find for reason in all the most elusive of places.  Yet we all have the desire to have civility; even in the face of the most complexity of matters. Never having really known the dispositions of a cerebral displacement in the first place. Or deign to ask the perceptions of what may, or may not be worthy of note. And all the while still wanting for lack of sustenance of need.  In parlance stance some might call that plain and simple greed!  Still we dance to such flirtations of the spiritual mind; while engaging in the reality of a life left unkind. Hoping all the while to find acceptance even the face of all opposition. That's when we realize we're moving into grace!  Because despite our objections of a consternated state, we are all left in the battle to seek only the right of God, in the fullness of His will.  In hopes of better sustaining the righteousness of space in the quagmires of our existence. When hope springs eternal, what is lost was never meant to be gained.  And what is gained pray tell, must somehow find through wisdom, to never get lost. In these truths we somehow find ourselves once again moving into grace.  And look forward to the moments when others understand the frailties of the realized presentations of reality in place.  In that too we come to know great grace!  I want always to be in the favor of understanding.  And always walk the light to keep my vision clear.  People like to pray for such fine odious things, that they never stop to realize the dispensations right at hand. So they can never really quite come to terms with such a common understanding of, live and let live! Still we pursue the meeting of the minds; if only to find peace in the depths of our spirits. Which we pray will be enough to get us back to grace. And in this truth we inevitably all come to know God! Because in God we come to know Christ! And in Christ we learn to live in Grace!
Bless you all in the name of Jesus! Blessed Brother Sirvante


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